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Rescue Store 1916 The Rescue Historical Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the enjoyment of sharing information about the founders, history and events in the Rescue, California and surrounding area.  New members are welcome and encouraged, but everyone is invited to share the information we have gathered.  We are eager to learn new things and solicit any information, photographs or documents people might share with us.  Low resolution photographs can be downloaded from this web site and higher resolution photos are available for a nominal fee.  Please respect any copywrited material by including the source. 

The town of Rescue, California was officially recognized June 12, 1895 with the establishment of the post office headed by the first postmaster, Dr. Merritt Aquila Hunter.  Prior to this time, Rescue had been an area of intense gold mining activity with business supporting the mining interests.  Buildings of the past included the Kelly Creek Store, the Kelly Creek Slaughter house, cabins and numerous mining shacks.  Rescue was located on the Old Coloma Road between Coloma and Sacramento, a major thoroughfare during gold rush times. A short distance to the North of town was a brick factory that was destroyed by fire before establishment of the Post Office.  Ruins of the brick factory are visible today.

Today, Rescue is located at the juncture of Green Valley and Deer Valley Roads, 5 miles north of Shingle Springs on the West slope of the Sierra Nevada.   We are situated 1381 feet above sea level and  host a population of 4,461.


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History of a Place Called Rescue


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